Stephen Burwell

Stephen Burwell was born in the Houston, TX area in ‘94. Around this time, his family was already making plans for a move to WA to start a custom cabinetry business. By age 4, they moved to the beautiful city of Maple Valley. Stephen spent the next 16 years living with his family of 5 brothers and 2 sisters. 


He began playing violin at age 8, taking group lessons at church with his sister, Sarah. Stephen had two wonderful violin instructors, Anita Disney and Kristen Burwell, who was his sister in law. Soon after, he was shown some fiddle tunes from a book, which he loved very much. His parents, Edwin and Cheryl, soon moved him to fiddle lessons with Pete Martin, a well known fiddle and mandolin teacher in Seattle. Pete introduced Texas and bluegrass style fiddling to Stephen. He recommended competitions and bluegrass festivals, and the love for both styles quickly grew. 


After a few years of fiddle and mandolin lessons, Stephen went on to play in several in the northwest. He eventually  moved to the southeast, and currently lives in Sevierville, TN.


Stephen continues to be influenced and inspired by his former teachers and numerous fiddle players. To name a few...Stuart Duncan, Bobby Hicks, Dale Potter, Kenny Baker, Benny Martin, Paul Warren, Vassar Clements, Aubrey Haynie, Tim Crouch, Hunter Berry, and countless more. 


Stephen hopes that as long as the Lord allows him to play the fiddle, he will be able to use it for God’s glory, to be a witness, blessing, and minister to those around.